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Add:1-1Daxin Road,South District,Zhongshan City,Guangdong,China


agency and service
Europe (Turkey)

Jaden (H.K) Developmennt Ltd


Africa (Algeria)
Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Tel:  020-86985888    
Fax: 020-86985777


USA Market
Tel: 260-760-7379

Thailand Market
Ming Chen Auto Machinery Co., Ltd
Tel: +66(0)-2-708-4355

China Taiwan Market
Tel: 886-3-483-0352


Position : Home > About Us > Company Profile
OMS Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a High-Tech company, dedicated to the development and production of automatization, digitalization, and intelligentization equipment. Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, OMS employs 100 professional engineers, and is well equipped with facilities. The company’s quality system and measurement system are ISO certified. OMS maintains close cooperation with many universities, which backs the development of new technologies in business. OMS has listed on New OTC market (new Over-the-counter market) since August 2015, and now it is preparing for IPO. Up to August 2019, OMS has owned 285 effective issued patents among which are 154 patents of Invention, 6 international patents declared via PCT, 122 patents of Utility Model and 3 patents of Industrial Design. 

The company’s business is comprised of the following: tube and heat exchanger processing machines, environmental equipment,custom machines, industrial robots, new energy equipment, etc. In China, OMS stands as the leading company in the intelligentization equipment industry, and the largest machinery supplier for air conditioning heat exchanger production. OMS products with feature of high precision, high efficiency, energy and resource saving, and have been highly rated for the exquisite design, outstanding performance, and user-friendliness by customers around the world.

OMS is a vigorous young group full of energy and new ideas, and will always be committed to improvement, innovation, and customer satisfaction.